“In order to make your trip the best, I will personally create a cool itinerary for you based on your preferences.
It"s absolutely free."
 - Rustam Adilov, owner of MzeGeo

Motorhome MzeGeo Speedy

Maneuverable, compact and beautiful campervan for two guests.
We call him Speedy)
It is based on the Ford Connect.
You will feel comfortable, easy and convenient, both in the narrow streets of cities and in the vastness of nature.
In this camper, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Charging the motorhome comes from the generator in the process of movement. The supply of electricity is freely enough for a couple of days of parking in one place.
For you: 2 sockets for 5/12 volts and 2 sockets for 220 volts.
For you: 75 liter water tank with outside shower.
We serve a camper with a full tank of clean water. When the water runs out, you can easily fill the tank yourself: there are many sources and springs with drinking water in Georgia.
Soft and cozy bed for two: width 140cm, length 185cm.
This area is very comfortable, here you can sleep and work. And this place is perfect for cool photos for memory.
For you: pillows, bed linen, warm blanket, blankets.
Traveling around Georgia on a motorhome is a real pleasure and freedom. Enjoy local cuisine in restaurants and cafes, and be sure to cook something atmospheric and tasty in nature.
Because cooking in nature is a thrill and special emotions.
The camper has everything you need for a quick bite, as well as for a hearty dinner. Buy groceries, turn on your imagination and enjoy eating in nature.
For you: gas, refrigerator, table, 2 chairs, all necessary utensils, grill, axe.

Traveling on a MzeGeo motorhome you get 2 in 1:

  • comfortable and easy to drive car
  • a beautiful and cozy house for overnight stay, rest and even work.

If you need a direction, tell me about it and I will plan a cool direction for you based on your wishes and preferences.

The motorhome is made for two guests

  1. From 3 to 14 days cost: €65/per day
  2. From 15 days and more cost: €55/per day
  3. Rent from 1 month: individually
  4. From april-may: €55/per day
  5. Booking from 3 days
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  • 2012 onwards
  • Automatic transmission
  • engine size 2.2
  • gasoline, average consumption 9l. per 100km.
  • car is insured
  • we do maintenance before every trip
  • your mileage is unlimited
  • travel outside of Georgia is not possible

Free of charge: pillows, blanket, bed linen, warm blankets, 2 sets of towels, all necessary utensils, grill, drinking water.

For you:

  • double bed: width 140cm, length 185cm,
  • 2 sockets for 5/12 volts and 2 for 220 volts
  • tank for 75 liters of water
  • outdoor shower
  • gas, refrigerator
  • table, 2 chairs
  • all necessary utensils, grill grate, saw, shovel.
"Travel, friends! It"s worth it!"
 - Anton Ptushkin, the main traveler of YouTube
“Are you guys going somewhere or just going? We didn"t understand the question then, and it was a damn good question.”
 - Jack Kerouac, American writer

To rent a MzeGeo motorhome you need:

  • driving license, category B
  • driving experience of at least 2 years
  • be over 23 age
  • desire to travel freely in Georgia

Friends, book your MzeGeo motorhome in advance!
It is better to do this a month in advance.
Make a small advance payment and be confident in your upcoming trip on a motorhome in Georgia.

How to make an advance payment

On the day of issue of the motorhome:

  • we will sign a lease agreement with you
  • you will pay the rest of the rent
  • leave a €200 refundable deposit in case of minor damage to the car and property
  • get acquainted with the motorhome and go on your best trip in Georgia
  • we want your trip to be bright and interesting, so we will not limit you by mileage.

Now this is your home on wheels!

  • we discuss the time and place of pick up and drop off of the motorhome with each guest individually - we will make it so that it is convenient for you.
  • We can deliver the motorhome to any airport in Georgia according to your desire for a additional fee.
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Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
  • Motorhome MzeGeo Scandi
  • Ford Transit
  • For 2-3 guests
  • Mechanics
  • Cost per day €95
  • Special offer for april-may €70
  • Batumi, Tbilisi, Kutaisi
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Traveling's not something you're good at. It's something you do.
  • Motorhome MzeGeo Speedy
  • Ford Connect
  • For 2 guests
  • Automatic
  • Cost per day €65
  • Special offer for april-may €55
  • Batumi, Tbilisi, Kutaisi
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See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.
  • Motorhome MzeGeo Family
  • Ford Transit
  • For 4 guests
  • Mechanics
  • Cost per day €120
  • Special offer for april-may €90
  • Batumi, Tbilisi, Kutaisi
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Live, travel, do not regret anything and thank fate.
  • Motorhome MzeGeo Goriala
  • Dodge Sprinter
  • For 2-3 guests
  • Automatic
  • Cost per day €110
  • Special offer for april-may €90
  • Batumi, Tbilisi, Kutaisi
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